9 Reasons Why Students and Parents Choose ‘Mission to Top U’


9 Reasons Why Students and Parents Choose ‘Mission to Top U’

We never settle for good enough, and nor should you.

1.Our record of success.

We are proud to say that we have an 100% success rate when it comes to helping students gain admission to top-tier universities. Most of our clients receive an offer from their first choice, or ‘dream school’; and those who do not (this time around) are invariably accepted by another world-class institution.

2.Direct experience of admissions

Our team is made up of qualified professionals who have all attended elite graduate-school programs in the UK and the US. Thus, we are able to draw upon our own personal experiences when answering your questions about applying to (and attending) universities in both countries, as well as what to expect from the local cultures.

3.Inspiring you to greater heights

We never settle for ‘good enough’, and nor should you. Instead, we always encourage students to push themselves to achieve the best results they possibly can. We will work with you on as many essay or resume drafts as it takes to produce the perfect final version. Similarly, we do not let students rest on their laurels, but urge them to strive for ever-higher scores on the GMAT, GRE, IELTS or any other examination required by top universities.

4.A winning strategy

Here at MTU, we know what makes for a successful application. Whencoaching you, we follow a set of proven strategies to ensure that your application stands out from the crowd and presents you in the best possible light. We like to get to know our clients personally: what makes them unique as individuals, and how we can frame their life story into a narrative that will be most attractive to a university admissions officer.

5.The personal touch

Unlike most companies, we have a policy of never working with more than a few dozen students at any given time. This allows us to give each individual applicant more attention than they would receive practically anywhere else. From the moment you sign on with us, we will be just as invested in your success as you are. We will accompany you on this journey from the beginning to the end – from the choosing of your desired university/course to the moment you open that letter of acceptance!

6.At your convenience

Whether you are a student or working full time, we arrange all our consultations around your schedule.If you are in Bangkok, you are always welcome to visit our offices, which are open six days a week. Alternatively, if you cannot come in person, or are currently based overseas, we can arrange for you to have a video session with one of our consultants over Zoom.

7.A helping hand

Applying to universities is a difficult and time-consuming process – so why not outsource some of that stress? It is our aim to make this process easier for you, not add to the burden. When you come on board with us, we will help you draw up a plan and timetable for your application, as well as keep track of all the documentation that need to be submitted.

8.Language support

Do not worry if English is not your first language! We have native speakers on staff who can check the grammar and syntax of all your written work, as well as polish the vocabulary and phrases to make your application truly shine.We also provide interview coaching for those who are not confident in their spoken command of English.

9.Our reputation

If you are still in doubt, just visit our website to read the testimonials of our former students, who are now alumni of some of the most prestigiousuniversities in the world (many on large scholarships, to boot).

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