All-In-One Premium Package

Get ready for a makeover and discover yourself! We will support you with every strategy and trick we have

All-In-One Premium Package includes:

  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Call, in-person/virtual meetings
  • Develop your winning application theme
  • Tailor your story to differentiate your profile from the crowd
  • Unlimited essay reviews
  • Intensive interview prep (mock + feedback)
  • Access to our consultants and alumni mentors
  • And more…


If you need advice on every step of the journey, this is perfect for you. Be prepared to work hard!

Career Goal and Story Development
Do you feel invisible even though you have a good profile? We have a solution. Our team will help you to build a more compelling personal story and make a career plan that is both achievable and exciting. Develop a unique theme with us and rise to the top of the candidate pool.

Target School Selection

Choosing a target school is like choosing a partner. The best school helps you rise leading you to a bright future. It does not matter whether you have no idea where to go, or whether you have too many choices to decide. Let’s find out together which school best suits your background and career goals.

School and Alumni Networking

Connecting and learning from those with experience on the path you intend to follow is always useful. We will provide connections with alumni from whom you can learn about your intended path on a deeper level. This will strengthen your application and make you better connected for the future.

Career Networking

Don’t worry if your career goals are more of a dream than an informed plan. We can help you to understand more about your target position and industry. Connect with professionals, experts, and entrepreneurs, in your target sector, through our career network.

Resume Review

Let the admissions committee see you in the best light. Our experts will review your resume, provide feedback, come up with a strategy to deal with any weaknesses or gaps, and edit the style and language to highlight your strengths, so that you can stand out among numerous candidates.

Essay Strategy & Review

Stories stimulate areas of the brain involved with social and emotional processing and have been central to human life for thousands of years. A good essay has a BIG influence on the admissions committee’s decision. Our mentors will guide you to create themed and polished essays that tell your story.

Letter of Recommendation Strategy & Review

A letter of recommendation is one of the most influential parts of your application because someone else’s opinion of you is more believable than your own. We will advise you how to choose the best recommenders and how to guide them to write the perfect letter to support your application to your dream university.

Online Application Review

The biggest failure can come from the smallest mistake. It takes a lot of time to work through several pages of an online application without missing any details. We will not let that happen to you. Consult with Mission to Top U for support to ensure your online application is perfect!

Interview Prep

Receiving an interview invitation is a big step in the right direction and is an opportunity not to be wasted. Our team will help you to prepare by sharing tips on how to, and how NOT to, answer the many potential questions. Practice makes perfect so we will take you through a series of mock interviews.

Waitlist Strategy

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Being on a waitlist does not mean you have failed. There are ways to help you rise to the top of the applicant pool and to potentially move from the waitlist to an acceptance. We will help you rise back up from even the most challenging of setbacks.

Admissions Committee Trial Run

We may not be fortune tellers but we do have the experience to judge your chances of acceptance. The whole Mission To Top U team will assess your application materials, following a similar process to a real admissions committee, and provide genuine feedback on every aspect of your application.

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